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How to Moisture Layer for Hydrated Skin

Fall is in full force which means cozy sweaters, pumpkin everything, and transitioning skin. As the weather continues to cool down your skin may start to need a little TLC to help maintain its natural balance. Insert “moisture layering” a method that involves what we call “hydra-moisturizing”. Hydra-moisturizing is when you hydrate your skin with water followed by an oil to seal in the hydration and slow the evaporation process.  Unsure on the difference between hydration and moisture? Read about the difference here. Let’s get into how to layer your products for hydrated, glowy fall skin: Cleanse. Make sure your face has been thoroughly cleanse. We favor the double cleansing method and oil cleansing to not strip the skin and...

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Try this Honey + Turmeric DIY Mask to Combat Acne

 Being in the house more than ever, we're all looking for ways to feel beautiful and pampered. Give this DIY mask a try at your next girls night or self-care sesh: Ingredients: 1 tsp raw honey (moisturizes, kills bad bacteria) 1 tsp fresh lemon juice (smoothes fine lines + refreshes) 1 tsp ground turmeric (fights breakouts + nourishes) 1tsp bentonite clay 1/2 tablespoon of water (or more as needed) to get smooth consistency  What to do: Mix ingredients together until smooth. Apply to clean damp skin. Rinse clean after 10 minutes followed by toning + moisturizing.

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Organic Oils for Dewy Skin

Oils are excellent moisturizers that help to lock in hydration plus they pack a punch of nutrition to your skincare routine. But why use oils? And which ones? Keep on reading!  Here are some benefits of incorporating natural oils into your skincare regimen: Use as a pre-cleanser to protect skin barrier before cleansing. They are multi-use. Many oils can be used on skin, hair, and body, and some you can even eat (like grapeseed oil). Help to naturally clear acne, moisturize, and prevent fine lines + wrinkles. Bring on board tons of nutrients like vitamins B, E, and minerals like chromium, copper, and zinc - all helpful in establishing a healthy skin barrier for glowy skin.  Some things to consider when...

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How to Layer Your Skincare Products for Hydrated Glowy Skin

Having a clean beauty skincare line, I get the question, “What’s the number one tip for glowy skin!?” all the time. While I do have a favorite tip to share (you’ll have to read on to find out), the REAL MVP tip to having healthy skin is staying consistent with your skincare ritual and eat well. Not the most exciting advice, know but, I stand by it. Our lifestyle choices, like being active, what we eat, and how we manage our mental/spiritual health are all major players in having healthy radiant skin. That being said, you’ll need a skincare routine to get you glowing in the right direction. You’ll also wanna consider how you’re currently layering your products tome sure...

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Black Beauty + Wellness Businesses

Black Owned Beauty + Wellness businesses to support    Fitness  Black Girl in Om The Well Chicago Lita Lewis Fitness Slim Fit Thick Wellness Motherhood Manifested Jessica in the Kitchen Beloved - Natural Menstrual Pain Relief  Kushae Feminine Care Tish Wonders Recipes Simply Sisterhood Sophia Roe Makeup + Makeup Artist Services Renee Loiz Creole Rouge  Lip Bar Candy Ice Couture Omolewa Cosmetics Skincare (products + services) Anlea Essentials Cream and Coco So Soapery Moon Love Bath Skin Cabinet Blk + Grn  Homegoods Simple Decor Bougie Noire Candle Box Wicks and Shit Poetic Candles Aroma + Flo 29 and 11 co Arbria Creations Frères Branchiaux Lit Brooklyn Candles Crown + Candle Posh Candles Liberate and Lather Gavin Luxe Taylor Candle Co...

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