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Black Beauty + Wellness Businesses

Black Owned Beauty + Wellness businesses to support 



Black Girl in Om

The Well Chicago

Lita Lewis Fitness

Slim Fit Thick


Motherhood Manifested

Jessica in the Kitchen

Beloved - Natural Menstrual Pain Relief 

Kushae Feminine Care

Tish Wonders Recipes

Simply Sisterhood

Sophia Roe

Makeup + Makeup Artist Services

Renee Loiz

Creole Rouge 

Lip Bar

Candy Ice Couture

Omolewa Cosmetics

Skincare (products + services)

Anlea Essentials

Cream and Coco

So Soapery

Moon Love Bath

Skin Cabinet

Blk + Grn 


Simple Decor

Bougie Noire Candle Box

Wicks and Shit

Poetic Candles

Aroma + Flo

29 and 11 co

Arbria Creations

Frères Branchiaux

Lit Brooklyn Candles

Crown + Candle

Posh Candles

Liberate and Lather

Gavin Luxe

Taylor Candle Co


Tree Naturals

Karen’s Body Beautiful

Melanin Haircare

Camille Rose Naturals

Alikay Naturals

Curl Box

Gemini Naturals 


Pear Nova Nail Lacquer

Pear Nova Nail Studio

Roxy’s Glam Bar


Akilah Siti Etiquette

Want more? Check out this in depth list curated by makeup artist Renee Loiz and this list by Do312 specific to Chicago Black owned beauty brands.

Other ways to support Black-owned businesses

Black Lives Matter

#BlackLivesMatter was founded in 2013 in response to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer. Black Lives Matter Foundation, Inc is a global organization in the US, UK, and Canada, whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes. “By combating and countering acts of violence, creating space for Black imagination and innovation, and centering Black joy, we are winning immediate improvements in our lives.”

Donate here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/ms_blm_homepage_2019


Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

This fund is established to cover funeral and burial expenses, mental and grief counseling, lodging and travel for all court proceedings, and to assist our family in the days to come as we continue to seek justice for George. A portion of these funds will also go to the Estate of George Floyd for the benefit and care of his children and their educational fund.

Donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/georgefloyd


Official I Run With Maud Fund

This fundraiser was designed to assist Ahmaud's mother; Ms. Wanda Cooper-Jones and her immediate family with financial support during this extreme difficult time and in their struggle for justice for the murder of Ahmaud Marquez Arbery.

Donate Here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/i-run-with-maud


Justice For Breonna Taylor - Make A Call For Breonna

Calling LMPD to demand justice for Breonna Taylor - Prompts included.

Sign and Call Here: https://act.weareultraviolet.org/call/call-for-breonna


In Memory of Tony Mcdade Fund

On May 27th, 2020, Tony McDade, a black LGBTQ person, was shot and killed by a Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) officer. Many details surrounding this incident are unclear, but we are asking the community for support during this difficult time. 100% of funds collected here will go to Tony's family. This fund is established to cover funeral and burial expenses, mental and grief counseling,  and to assist Tony's family in the days to come as they continue to seek justice for Tony. “All funds collected on this website will be withdrawn to a designated family member (Tony's mother).”

Donate Here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/in-memory-of-tony-mcdade?utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_lico+share-sheet


Color Of Change

Color Of Change is the nation’s largest online racial justice organization. COC helps people respond effectively to injustice in the world around us. As a national online force driven by 1.7 million members, they move decision-makers in corporations and government to create a more human and less hostile world for Black people in America.

Donate Here: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/support-us



The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is to secure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights in order to eliminate race-based discrimination and ensure the health and well-being of all persons.

Donate Here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/naacp-1

Join The Campaign: https://www.naacp.org/campaigns/we-are-done-dying/


Black Visions Collective

Since 2017, Black Visions Collective has been putting into practice the lessons learned from organizations before them in order to shape a political home for Black people across Minnesota. BVC aims to center their work in healing and transformative justice principles, intentionally develop their organizations core “DNA” to ensure sustainability, and develop Minnesota’s emerging Black leadership to lead powerful campaigns. By building movements from the ground up with an integrated model, they are creating the conditions for long term success and transformation. Black Visions Collective envisions a world in which ALL Black Lives Matter.

Donate Here: https://secure.everyaction.com/4omQDAR0oUiUagTu0EG-Ig2


Campaign Zero

“Over 1,000 people are killed by police every year in America. We are calling on local, state, and federal lawmakers to take immediate action to adopt data-driven policy solutions to end this violence and hold police accountable.”

Donate Here:



Reclaim The Block

Reclaim the Block began in 2018 and organizes Minneapolis community and city council members to move money from the police department into other areas of the city’s budget that truly promote community health and safety. RTB believes health, safety and resiliency exist without police of any kind. They organize around policies that strengthen community-led safety initiatives and reduce reliance on police departments. They do not believe that increased regulation of or public engagement with the police will lead to safer communities, as community testimony and documented police conduct suggest otherwise.

Donate Here: https://secure.everyaction.com/zae4prEeKESHBy0MKXTIcQ2


North Star Health Collective

The North Star Health Collective was created in response to the Republican National Convention (RNC) in St. Paul September 1-4, 2008. They coordinated and provided health care services, resources, and training to ensure the safety of the community over the weeks before, during, and after the RNC.

Donate Here: https://www.northstarhealthcollective.org/support-north-star-health


Minnesota Freedom Fund

The Minnesota Freedom Fund pays criminal bail and immigration bond for those who cannot afford to as we seek to end discriminatory, coercive, and oppressive jailing.

Donate Here: https://minnesotafreedomfund.org/donate


The Legal Defense and Educational Fund

America’s premier legal organization fighting for racial justice. Through litigation, advocacy, and public education, LDF seeks structural changes to expand democracy, eliminate disparities, and achieve racial justice in a society that fulfills the promise of equality for all Americans. LDF also defends the gains and protections won over the past 75 years of civil rights struggle and works to improve the quality and diversity of judicial and executive appointments.

Donate Here: https://org2.salsalabs.com/o/6857/p/salsa/donation/common/public/?donate_page_KEY=15780&_ga=2.53894696.1074819806.1590879339-1658648173.1590879339


The Legal Rights Center

The Legal Rights Center is a community-driven nonprofit law firm, specializing in adult criminal and juvenile delinquency defense, restorative justice practices and youth advocacy. The Legal Rights Center runs two programs: Community Defense Program and the Youth: Education, Advocacy & Restorative Services (Y:EARS) Program. While each program has distinct goals and methods, collectively they point to the overall vision of improving the experience of the justice system for communities of color, if not proactively by solving problems that prevent involvement in the justice system in the first place, then certainly after an individual has been swept up into the system.​ 

Donate Here: https://www.legalrightscenter.org/donate.html


Communities United Against Police Brutality

Communities United Against Police BrutalityTM is a Twin-Cities based organization that was created to deal with police brutality on an ongoing basis. CUAPB works on the day-to-day abuses as well as taking on the more extreme cases. “Our overriding goal is to create a climate of resistance to abuse of authority by police organizations and to empower local people with a structure that can take on police brutality and actually bring it to an end. We provide support for survivors of police brutality and families of victims so they can reclaim their dignity and join the struggle to end police brutality.”

Donate Here:




The ACLU has evolved in the years since from this small group of idealists into the nation’s premier defender of the rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. With more than 1.5 million members, nearly 300 staff attorneys, thousands of volunteer attorneys, and offices throughout the nation, the ACLU of today continues to fight government abuse and to vigorously defend individual freedoms including speech and religion, a woman’s right to choose, the right to due process, citizens’ rights to privacy and much more. The ACLU stands up for these rights even when the cause is unpopular, and sometimes when nobody else will.

Donate Here: https://www.aclu.org/issues/racial-justice


National Bail Out Fund / Free Black Mamas 2020

National Bail Out is a Black-led and Black-centered collective of abolitionist organizers, lawyers and activists building a community-based movement to support their folks and end systems of pretrial detention and ultimately mass incarceration. NBO are people who have been impacted by cages — either by being in them ourselves or witnessing our families and loved ones be encaged. “We are queer, trans, young, elder, and immigrant.”

Donate Here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/freeblackmamas2020

More Info: http://nationalbailout.org/


National Bail Fund Network

The Community Justice Exchange develops, shares and experiments with tactical interventions, strategic organizing practices, and innovative organizing tools to end all forms of criminalization, incarceration, surveillance, supervision, and detention.  CJE provides support to community-based organizations across the country that are experimenting with bottom-up interventions that contest the current operation and function of the criminal legal and immigration detention systems.  CJE produces tools and resources for organizers using community justice tactics to creatively tackle multiple drivers of criminalization and incarceration— including, but not limited to, money bail, court fees and fines, probation and parole, pretrial detention & supervision, and immigration detention & supervision. 

Donate Here: https://www.communityjusticeexchange.org/nbfn-directory


The Bail Project

The Bail Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization designed to combat mass incarceration by disrupting the money bail system ‒ one person at a time. 

Donate Here: https://secure.givelively.org/donate/the-bail-project


Find additional organizations to support:

The Boss Mag

Black Owned Chicago


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