Get Flawless in Five: Our Founder Shares Clean Beauty Makeup Routine


Hey Beauties,

We took a poll on which videos you wanted me to share and my "flawless in five" natural makeup look was a resounding number one choice and here it is! I wanna mention that the baby (my 4 month old daughter Nali) is doing her thing in the background. While this is my life right now, I know not everyone wants to hear a little person whining in the background every now and then, so you've been warned! 

A bit of background on my makeup journey: I've had a tough time looking for healthy skin makeup and for a long time I settled on Bare Minerals. There is conflicting information unjust about anything out there, and after it being so long, I wanted to revive my makeup stash. Being totally transparent, I legit have two tins of makeup I haven't swapped out for like, 6 or 7 years which is like, skincare death, right? I know I know but look, that's what it was. 

The push came after I had my daughter because I'm kissing and loving on her all the time and she's grabbing for and rubbing into my face, so I buckled down and started to look for companies that were offering clean safe cosmetics. 

Insert BeautyCounter. I was introduced to BC by Dr. Sarah Ellis, a naturopathic doctor specializing in fertility at her own practice Motherhood Manifested. She’s ridiculously educated and informed on all things natural beauty and holistic health so if she’s into something, I know it’s going to be GOOD. Her recommendation didn’t disappoint and I’m super pleased with the quality of the BC goodies I've tried.  

Here are the products listed in the video I use every single day I'm able to throw on some face with links as well as the key things I love about my top 3 favs:

BeautyCounter Dew Skin Moisturizer in No. 3 - this is by far my favorite product. Having dry skin, this tinted moisturizer packs moisture and protection having 20 SPF. It comes in a variety of shades and is way less messy to handle (imho) than traditional foundations and blends so flawlessly into my skin. 

BeautyCounter Touch Up Concealer Pen in Medium 1 - my third fav, this creamy concealer makes my under eye circles damn near invisible while not making them look dry and cakey. The cakey-ness is a big issue I’ve had with a lot of other “creamy” concealers. 

Anastasia Brow Wiz in Dark Brown - this has been my go to eyebrow pencil for years and while I don't mind the more eco-friendly BC eyebrow pencil, I'm using up my Anastasia pencil before getting all the way into my BC brow pencil I did try it once and it was different than what I'm used to but not bad at all. 

BeautyCounter Lengthening Mascara in Black - the thing I love best about this mascara is the flexible brush handle (I ended up saying "oh shit" in the video because I pressed the wand in the mascara tube on an angle and it bend the brush, but then I corrected it, so it was all good - lol). The flex of the brush allows the mascara bristles to really get through each lash. There is also something to be said on the bottle in that when you pull out the wand there isn't an excess of mascara on there which can cause an over application of the stuff and cause unnatural looking clumps in the eyelashes. Love this mascara. 

BeautyCounter Satin Powder Blush in Date - I'm still adjusting to this blush from my BareMinerals "warmth". It's super smooth and has just the right amount of pigment to give me a nice flushed just ran a mile although I'm in quarantine in my place for who knows how long. It's a bit brighter than the warmth, so I like to tone it down a little after applying with a naked brush.

BeautyCounter Lip Gloss in Rosewood - my second favorite product, this gloss is smooth AND NOT STICKY! Gives my lips the absolute perfect kiss of color to maintain that natural embellishment I look for in cosmetics.

On BeautyCounter you can purchase these products individually, or you can get them all in one set called the "Flawless in Five" Set. When going to choose your colors and products, you will be given recommendations. I went with the recommendations given and they hit it on the head for me. 

Get this entire set for 10% off through March. Excluding the Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil which you can get on Ulta. 

I believe this wraps it up! If you have any questions for me at all on any of the products, leave a comment on this post, shoot an email to, or hop over to instagram and drop a DM. 

Love your mix,


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