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How to Layer Your Skincare Products for Hydrated Glowy Skin

How to Layer Your Skincare Products for Hydrated Glowy Skin

Having a clean beauty skincare line, I get the question, “What’s the number one tip for glowy skin!?” all the time. While I do have a favorite tip to share (you’ll have to read on to find out), the REAL MVP tip to having healthy skin is staying consistent with your skincare ritual and eat well. Not the most exciting advice, know but, I stand by it. Our lifestyle choices, like being active, what we eat, and how we manage our mental/spiritual health are all major players in having healthy radiant skin.

That being said, you’ll need a skincare routine to get you glowing in the right direction. You’ll also wanna consider how you’re currently layering your products tome sure you’re getting the most benefit from your routine.

Here are the basic rules of product layering:

A good rule of thumb for product application is to apply your products from thinnest to thickest, water to oil. So toners, flower essences, then serums, water based creams then oil based creams. 

Here is a breakdown of the steps: 

  1. Cleanse
  2. Tone
  3. Exfoliate
  4. Tone
  5. Mask
  6. Tone
  7. Hydrate (water based products)
  8. Moisturize (oil based products to seal in hydration)
  9. Treat
  10. Protect

First things first, wash your hands. You don’t wanna put bacteria on your face or in any of your products that you dip your fingers into.

Cleanse. Cleansing removes the makeup, sweat, and grime of the day plus it preps your skin to better absorb the nourishment you’ll give in in next steps. I use a gentle cleanser, one that doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight and dry after using, like Mad Moisture Beauty’s gentle Mud Cleansing Milk. Clays are an effective natural way to cleanse and exfoliate the skin without drying it out. I’m a big fan of double cleansing, especially if you have dryer skin. Oil cleansing melts away makeup without disrupting your skin's natural barrier. It also gives your skin a bit of moisture in preparation of cleansing to avoid that stripped dry feeling. Be sure to cleanse around the hairline and under the chin and jawline for at least 60 seconds to give your cleanser time to do it’s best job.

Next, exfoliate. Exfoliating is the process of buffing away the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal the bright + glowy skin underneath. Exfoliating also helps keep the pores unclogged and can help with hyperpigmentation. You can use a manual exfoliator, like our Salt Cream skin scrub or a chemical exfoliator like an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) or beta hydroxy acid (BHA). There’s also the option to go more natural with a fruit enzyme peel or mask powered by papayas or pineapples. Exfoliate up to three times per week - listen to your skin because we can get crazy with exfoliating and you don’t wanna over do it.

Toner + flower essences + serums (optional) Toning helps to rebalance the skin after cleansing and exfoliating. it's not a necessary step however, I NEED a toner but I could live without one if I had to... I think. You want to use moisturizing toners with ingredients like aloe vera and apple cider vinegar. Serums would be what you apply right after your toner as these tend to be thinner than oils and you want your skin to absorb the nutrients in those before adding your oils and/or cream based products. 

Treat. (optional) If I’m having a breakout, I treat them after I’ve applied my serum. When I need to I'll use treatment products, like a clay for spot treatment, a niacinamide or a low percentage benzoyl peroxide after a serum. Apple cider vinegar mixed with that Aztec Indian Clay will forever be the natural blemish busting OG, periodt. 

Moisturize. As your final step, moisturize your skin while it’s still damp. If you need to, mist your face with a layer of water using a spray bottle, then apply your moisturizer. Moisturizing while your skin is damp helps the product penetrate more deeply than if you applied to dry skin + seals in the glow! Doing this will CHANGE THE GAME for your skin if you’re not already.

Protect. In the daytime, be sure to top your moisturizer with an SPF to protect against hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and to maintain an even skin tone. This is especially important for those with hyperpigmentation and scarring. 

This may seem like a ton of steps - don’t feel like you need to do them all. The key steps are too cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize. Bonus if your moisturizer has SPF in it, like Black Girl Sunscreen for the day time.

Not sure on where to start with products for your routine? Download our free Glowbook to get more info on how to step up your glow game. 

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