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How to Moisture Layer for Hydrated Skin

How to Moisture Layer for Hydrated Skin

Fall is in full force which means cozy sweaters, pumpkin everything, and transitioning skin. As the weather continues to cool down your skin may start to need a little TLC to help maintain its natural balance. Insert “moisture layering” a method that involves what we call “hydra-moisturizing”. Hydra-moisturizing is when you hydrate your skin with water followed by an oil to seal in the hydration and slow the evaporation process. 

Unsure on the difference between hydration and moisture? Read about the difference here.

Let’s get into how to layer your products for hydrated, glowy fall skin:

  1. Cleanse. Make sure your face has been thoroughly cleanse. We favor the double cleansing method and oil cleansing to not strip the skin and especially in cooler months.
  2. Tone. While everyone might not need this step, it’s super clutch to use a balancing toner with apple cider vinegar to help reset the pH of the skin after cleansing.
  3. Hydrate. After you tone, mist your face with a nourishing hydrator, like our Skin Drink, to give your skin a shot of nutrient dense water.
  4. Moisturize. To seal in the last step, add your moisturizer. Our Moisture Balance Face Oil is a great way to seal in hydration while helping to even the skin tone.
  5. Protect. Lastly protect your skin with a clean SPF product, like BeautyCounter Mineral Sunscreen or Black Girl Sunscreen.

Depending on if your moisturizer is water or oil based, you can add an additional layer of moisture as needed. For instance, if your moisturizer is water based and your skin still feels thirsty, add a few drops of your favorite face oil to it to boost the moisturization. If you have an oil based moisturizer and your skin still feels thirsty, try adding in a water based moisturizer for that extra layer of love.


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