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Hydration Versus Moisture: What You Need to Know

Hydration Versus Moisture: What You Need to Know

To hydrate or to moisturize? They're the same thing essentially, right? Nah, son. They're totally different. Keep reading to get the skinny on the differences and how to use your products in a way that promotes mad moisturized skin. 

What's the difference?

Simply put, hydrating the skin increases the amount of water in your skin cells. Moisturizing helps to prevent that water in your cells from evaporating.

The key is to hydrate (w water based products) + moisturize (seal with oil based products).

What about dehydrated skin, though? Is that the same as dry skin?

Nah, they're different, too. Dehydration is the actual condition of your skin due to your lifestyle habits. Like how you ain't been drinking no water but you're complaining about your skin is looking a whole dry irritated mess. This is often the case with oily skin types - the skin is actually dehydrated and your body is overproducing sebum to compensate for a lack of hydration, so although you have this layer of oil shinin bright across yo forehead, your skin still feels dry which can lead to irritation and breakouts. 

Dry skin won't have this oil sitting on top, instead, it would be patches of dryness, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the skin is dehydrated, or lacking water within the cells. Therefore, you can have hydrated skin that feels dry to the touch. 

So, how do you get hydrated, moisturized skin?

1. Drink some water. We're not gonna keep telling y'all to DRINK SOME WATER. If you have a hard time drinking plain water (eye roll - really!?), enjoy some water filled fruits like watermelon, cucumbers, grapes, and blended smoothies. We say distilled water over bottled and alkaline waters, just be sure to toss in some fruits or a mineral trace supplement to put the minerals back into your water. 

2. Hydrate before moisturizing. Naturally hydrating ingredients include humectants which draw water into the skin like glycerine, aloe, and alpha hydroxy acids (naturally found in apple cider vinegar), and flower essences. Mix 5 drops of our Sage + Chamomile Nectar with 5-8 pumps of the Skin Drink Flower Essence for a super charged hydrated/moisturizing experience. 

3. Moisturize after hydrating. This is to seal in the hit of hydration you just gave to your skin. Natural oils, serums, and butters are great moisturizers for the skin. If you're part of the #naturalhair gang, you've probably heard of the LCO method (a hydrating and moisturizing method to lock moisture into the hair using a liquid, cream then an oil). Same goes for the skin. You want to add water based products before the oil based ones. 

Now that you know the differences and how to build more hydration and or moisture into your skin ritual, I'ma need you to go out in the world and be yo best mad moisturized self! 


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