Do you know what’s in your makeup?

Working in the health + wellness industry for over a decade (Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Health Coach and Yoga Instructor), and then for a natural haircare company is what sparked my desire to create a clean beauty line with ingredients that were safe. I learned that what we put on our skin is just as important as what we eat and I wanted to help spread that message.

Then, I became a Mom a year ago and with my little Nali having skin breakouts, I started to question everything I was using to make sure it was safe for her because she was (and still is) stuck to me like glue. While I had the skin and haircare products locked down, because she was still breaking out, I questioned if my makeup could be the culprit. Insert BeautyCounter.

I found out about BeautyCounter from my Naturopathic Doctor friend, Sarah. Sarah is very well researched and literally helps mommas make healthy lifestyle changes to conceive naturally. Chemicals in cosmetics can cause hormone disruption linked to fertility issues, so the fact that she was using and selling the products, I knew they had to be if anything, SAFE.

I joined as a consultant because of these things I learned about the company and their products that deeply resonate with me:

BeautyCounter’s mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. They have a “Never List” that contains over 1800 unsafe ingredients they commit to never put in their products. Right now, the U.S. bans 13 products and doesn’t have stringent regulations over the beauty industry, and the European Union bans 1400. This list is self imposed by BeautyCounter. This is like, so dope.

They are actually making steps towards being a more diverse inclusive business in comparison to talking about it. Being a mixed Black woman it was important to me to be part of a company who considered not only various skin tones to sell too, but to include and uplift women of color by hiring them as leaders boards in the company. BeautyCounter offers 18 foundation shades and 13 concealer shades, covering a large range of skin tones as well. They include women of color of all shades on their social media and marketing materials, and they’ve openly laid out steps they're taking to be an anti-racist company you can view openly on the website.

They care about the planet. They’ve removed secondary packaging (the little box that holds the jar or bottle) from many of their products and have started to repackage in glass which is way more earth friendly than plastic. Plus, they're on a mission to figure out how to make most if not all products refillable. My sustainable dream come true!

On top of all of these things, the makeup products are amazing. I bought a Flawless in Five set earlier this year because I felt like my other makeup products might be breaking my daughter out. I started to use them and the little bumps on her face went away and I has less breakouts, too. Using these cosmetics, I feel so pretty and confident while being a new working mom in comparison to looking like a mom-bie, all without having to worry about if the products are harming her.

So what now?

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