Your skin type is MIXED aka COMBINATION

Some parts of your skin are oily and others are dry. You may also have some acne and/or blackheads. If you’re MIXED and sensitive, be sure to not overdo it on exfoliating. Use products that help to balance oil production that don’t clog the pores as well as provide hydration and moisture. 

Dietary Suggestions

Chill on dairy, fried foods, sugary drinks, coffee, and alcohol as they all contribute to MIXED skin. Chill on these. Drink more distilled water and eat more cucumbers, citrus fruits (toss in your water), healthy fats like avocados and nuts, and leafy greens. 

Your personalized recommendations


    Try our Apple Tonic Skin Toner (great for all skin types) powered with apple cider vinegar to help balance oil as well as add moisture to the skin. Apple cider helps the skin maintain proper pH balance and contains natural AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) that help to fade dark marks and even skin tone.