Our Roots

Our Belief - Mad beautiful 


We’re firm believers that all skin is beautiful skin. With hope for this message to ring true to all, we’ve created a collection of products for women of all shades who embrace a variety of cultures . With open arms, we’re cultivating this inclusive community of women  to feel empowered, connected, and supported through sharing our own unique skin stories. In light of that, we’re continuously brainstorming ways to bring our community together to ignite encouragement and to channel your skin glow-up through our plant-based skincare line. Creating a skincare ritual can be a powerful act of self-love to care for oneself that states, ‘I’m beautiful as I am, love the skin I’m in, and this at home facial sesh is about to be LIT!’ Here you don’t have to choose a side, you’re enough exactly as you are. All you need to decide is on what moisturizer to go with. Let's glow, girrrrrl! 

Our Products - Mad natural  


Our products are truly unique because of their back-to-nature approach. We use the minimum amount of plant-based ingredients to achieve maximum results, giving your skin all the goodness nature intended. Organic and/or wild-crafted herbs, hydrating oils, rich butters, earth clays, and waters are all the foundation of our healthy skin recipe. We believe that using these simple yet powerful elements can help to connect us with our higher selves, the planet, and ultimately provide the ideal solution for mad moisturized skin. MMB products contain no phthalates, parabens, dyes, synthetic fragrances, petroleum, or GMO's, so we’ve got you covered without any of the harsh ingredients or unnecessary additives. To ensure we’re using the highest quality organic products, we continuously work to do our research to find and establish relationships with trusted, reputable farmers and suppliers. No long lists of confusing ingredients here! 

Our Why - Mad real 


We know all too well what a tragedy the overuse of plastic has become, more specifically the environmental impact it’s had on our oceans. This damage and waste is something that we feel deeply about as a company rooted in nature. From the start, we’ve done our very best to consciously use glass vessels for all of our products. Not only does this effort benefit and preserve Mother Earth, but it does the very same for your skincare goodies. While we currently use plastic lids, we’re on a fierce mission to eventually have completely eco-friendly packaging and are currently on the hunt for the right resources. We highly encourage the re-use of our bottles and jars for re-creating your own beauty care magic. Some ideas are soap dispensers, plant propagation jars, and to hold your beauty potions on-the-go and/or while traveling. You can also learn how to recycle your MMB vessels here.  If you have any other suggestions, please come and share them with us in our Facebook community.

Our Story - Where it all began 

Mad Moisture Beauty began out of authentic curiosity & creativity combined with a real need for affordable, natural skincare products for women of all shades and stories. I (Shera, pronounced shee-ra) grew up in a predominantly Black neighborhood in Harrisburg, PA to a Pennsylvania Dutch/German Mom and an African American/Blackfoot Indian Dad. Growing up biracial I found myself in a constant struggle inwardly when posed with the commonly asked question: “What I was”. Trying to adapt and identify with two different cultures that have a deeply painful history was and still is difficult at times. I had a hard time trying to self identify and find a community where I truly felt I belonged. When I started MMB I knew I wanted to carve out space for women who identify with a variety of cultures and backgrounds. A safe place to download without judgment or fear of offending, a space to feel beautiful in the skin they’re in. 

Working in the health and wellness field for over a decade, I understood that what we put on our skin is just as important as what we put into it. I fell in love with a plant-powered diet when I started my health coaching practice in 2012 and overtime this naturally migrated over to my skincare routine. From there I started experimenting and curating my own products after not finding any that suited my needs for a simple but effective skincare routine. This ignited a new love for plants and their powers as I began to explore how to incorporate herbs into my skin potions. It quickly became my vehicle to create exceptional skincare products from the heart, as well as cultivate the inclusive supportive community of women I‘d been searching for. We’re beyond thrilled you’ve joined us on the journey as we discover all the possibilities together! 

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