“I'm using [the mist] at night after i cleanse and before i put on moisturizer. It makes my skin look super refreshed and dewy which i love!! i've been thinking bout putting it on in the morning over my makeup too for that very reason. I honestly don't have any improvements, i love it!!!” - @carley.shea


“I’m really oily, so I like to use sprays after applying my makeup. It’s a skinfinisher I use. I’m not sharing my spray with anyone! Lol!! I love it actually! I get kinda oily, well not kinda, a lot of oily. That was the only thing I noticed about it, but other than that, I think its great. It has a great smell too!” - @taelatrese


“I stopped using mario badescu and started using the spray you gave me, I have noticed that my skin has been smoother. I am not sure if this is because the new skin care practices I have adopted or the spray but I remembered thinking last week that my skin felt smoother. I use it after I wash my face and after I put on SPF and moisturizer. I will try using it as a setting spray soon and tell you how it goes. I have a dry patch on my cheek that is not going away and I would like to see how my skin reacts if I direct it there for a few days. I will keep you posted on this. I will use the spray some more and let you know what other feedback I have on it”. - @osnapitsrichu


“The On-the-Glow Mist has been saving my life. I’ve been doing some more intense exfoliating on my face lately so it’s been feeling dry and the Lively Glow Mist brings back the moisture with such a weightless and pampering feel like no other moisturizing toner has. Plus it makes my skin look great!” - @cpalko


“I couldn't wait so I tried it last night, I've worn it all today and I don't think I need to tell you but keep making this healing product. I say that because all of us just want to be whole and healed from the many toxins that we are exposed to in the world and this is a step towards healing in the skin we are in. I am all for the simplicity and the natural forms for us to contribute to ones life and wholeness. You are doing that for so many others and I am honored to support your business. I will be purchasing two more soon, one for each of my sisters.. I have very noticeable pores and just looking at my face from only a day, I feel confident to look at myself up close and more than anything I feel in touch with myself because there is nothing unnatural about what's inside the glow mist to make me feel outside of myself in a form that isn't totally me. The personalized thank you card was a rarity and I totally appreciate it.” - Customer Theresa Monica


"I just placed my excited! My face misses this mist so much, [it's] asking me why did I forsake it!?People used to ask if I was wearing makeup, that's how pretty my skin was looking! - @crys.wms