Clean Bundle

Clean Bundle

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The Clean Bundle is compiled of our customer favorites and is great for those who want a more natural way to get clean and clear skin without stripping the skin's natural barrier. This bundle includes: 


  1. Mud Cleansing Milk - Our silky cleansing milk is blended with mineral rich seaweed, organic lavender, and creamy shea butter to gently cleanse, refresh, and hydrate skin. Our clay is super fine and rinses away easily to avoid tugging on the skin. Can be used as a daily cleanser, a weekly face mask, or a spot treatment for blemishes. Great for all skin types to cleanse and detoxify skin.
  2. Salt Cream Skin Scrub - Our gentle scrub contains a super fine walnut meal to gently exfoliate dead flaky skin as well as fades dark marks and brightens uneven skin tone. Removes dead skin cells and sebum from building up on the skin causing breakouts. Grapeseed oil helps nourish and moisturize. Exfoliating helps prep skin to better absorb hydrating and moisturizing products. Can also be used as a gentle body scrub.
  3. Glow Illuminating Skin Mist (2oz) - An organic blend of oils infused with soothing magnesium oil + a bacteria fighting combination of organic herbs, witch hazel, and aloe vera to bring a balanced healthy glow to stressed and irritated skin


Who It’s For: 

  • dry
  • dehydrated
  • normal
  • oily
  • combination

To Use: Use the Mud Cleansing Milk as a gentle daily cleanser. 1 to 2x per week, use the Salt Cream skin scrub to buff away dead skin cells to help prevent breakouts, and calm and lightly moisturize with the Glow Illuminating Mist. You can also use the Glow Mist over makeup as a natural setting spray.

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